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Bring us what you want to get embroidered and we will get it done!

Professional and Experienced Embroidery Services in Holden, MO

USA embroidered t-shirt
S & K Embroidery in Holden, MO, invites you to bring us anything that you would like to have embroidered and we will get it done professionally and within a timely manner. With more than 26 years of embroidery experience, you can trust that your requests are being handled with the expert care that you deserve. Bring in any garments or accessories you would like to have customized, and we will provide high quality embroidered logos and designs.

Personalized Embroidery Services

We are here to help the local community with small personal orders, whether it is to be a gift or simply a custom t-shirt, we will take care of you. Embroidery allows you to customize your belongings with a name, support of your child’s sports team, advertise your business or brand, and so much more.

If you have any questions about the services we provide, be sure to give us a call. Our team uses only the most top-quality and efficient equipment and tools on the market to make sure you are receiving the best products possible every time. If you want your custom embroidery done correctly and affordably, look no further than S & K, where we take care of you like family.
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